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2023 BBR Southern Territorial

2023 BBR Southern Territorial & Southwestern X-Tra Tour

Sept 29-Oct 1, 2023

$17,500 Added Money

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  • $12,000 Added BBR Southern Territorial Open 5D
  • $1,000 Added Nutrena Southwest X-Tra Tour Sidepot
  • $2,500 Added BIG SPENDER Sidepot
  • $2,000 Added Southern Territorial Futurity Sidepots
  • The American Rodeo Contender Tournament Event
  • Junior Patriot Qualifier
  • Saddles to Futurity and Southern Territorial Open Average Champions


BBR Southern Territorial Open 5D & BBR Gear X-Tra Tour Rules

  • BBR Southern Territorial 5D is open to everyone.  Current BBR membership required for X-Tra Tour Sidepot and The American Rodeo Contender Tournament.
  • BBR Southern Territorial 5D will consist of two $5K added races (Saturday & Sunday) with Prizes to 2-Run Aggregate.
  • BBR Southern Territorial 5D warmup race (Friday) with $2K added.
  • Nutrena Southwest X-Tra Tour  (Sidepot to Saturday Open 5D) with $1,000 added for current BBR Members Only!
  • BIG SPENDER Sidepot (to Saturday Open 5D) with $2,500 added (4D w/ 1/2 sec splits)
  • Rider Incentives to Saturday and Sunday Open 5D - Youth (15U), Adult (16-49), Senior (50+) - based on rider age as of September 30, 2023 (5D w/ 1/2 sec splits).
  • Futurity Horse Sidepots with $1K Added Each Day (Saturday & Sunday w/ Prizes to 2-Run Aggregate).
  • BBR Southern Territorial Futurity open horses 5 & Under who have not competed prior to November 15, 2022.
  • American Contender Tournament entries MUST roll times to BBR Southern Territorial 5D Saturday race.
  • Junior Patriot Qualifier is a sidepot to the Sunday race of the BBR Southern Territorial 5D.
  • Entries (including rollovers) must be postmarked by September 11th to avoid late fee ~ $5 (Friday Open), $10 (Saturday and/or Sunday)
  • American Contender Tournament Entries will be available online only and will close Monday, September 25th, at 5pm CST.
  • Junior Patriot Qualifier Entries will be available online only and will close Thursday, September 28th, at 5pm CST.
  • No Refunds once entry has been submitted.
  • Vet/Med outs are due by 5pm Sep 17th and entry fees, less $40 will be refunded.
  • Absolutely no refund, rider substitutions or vets outs after Sept 19th @ 5pm.  Horse substitutions will be allowed until the start of the first qualifying round.
  • Entry Fees:

    • Exhibitions - $7ea (purchase online only)
    • Warmup Race (Friday) - $40
    • Saturday & Sunday Open 5D - $75
    • X-Tra Sidepot - $50
    • BIG SPENDER Sidepot - $150
    • Futurity Horse Sidepots - $100
    • Rider Incentives - $30
    • The American Rodeo Contender Tournament - $500
    • Jr Patriot Qualifier - $200


Event Schedule

Friday - September 29th

  • 10am Open Exhibitions (until 4:30pm)
  • 5pm Open 5D Warm-up Race (Books close w/ 50 runners remaining)

Saturday - September 30th

  • 9am BBR Southern Territorial Saturday Open 5D to follow (will break at big draw nearest 5:30pm for American section)
  • 6pm The American Rodeo Contender Tournament Event (required carry over to Saturday Open 5D)
  • ~ resume Open 5D (if necessary)
  • Nutrena Southwest X-Tra Tour Sidepot available to current BBR Members in Saturday Open 5D!

Sunday - October 1st

  • 9am BBR Southern Territorial Sunday Open 5D
  • Jr Patriot Sidepot available to Sunday Open 5D!


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