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2023 BBR Southern Territorial

2023 BBR Southern Territorial & Southwestern X-Tra Tour

Sept 29-Oct 1, 2023

$17,500 Added Money

BBR Southern Territorial Classes

  • $12,000 Added BBR Southern Territorial Open 5D
  • $1,000 Added Nutrena Southwest X-Tra Tour Sidepot
  • $2,500 Added BIG SPENDER Sidepot
  • $2,000 Added Southern Territorial Futurity Sidepots
  • The American Rodeo Contender Tournament Event
  • Junior Patriot Qualifier
  • Saddles to Futurity and Southern Territorial Open Average Champions

BBR Southern Territorial Open 5D & BBR Gear X-Tra Tour Rules

  • BBR Southern Territorial 5D is open to everyone.  Current BBR membership required for X-Tra Tour Sidepot and The American Rodeo Contender Tournament.
  • BBR Southern Territorial 5D will consist of two $5K added races (Saturday & Sunday) with Prizes to 2-Run Aggregate.
  • BBR Southern Territorial 5D warmup race (Friday) with $2K added.
  • Nutrena Southwest X-Tra Tour  (Sidepot to Saturday Open 5D) with $1,000 added for current BBR Members Only!
  • BIG SPENDER Sidepot (to Saturday Open 5D) with $2,500 added (4D w/ 1/2 sec splits)
  • Rider Incentives to Saturday and Sunday Open 5D - Youth (15U), Adult (16-49), Senior (50+) - based on rider age as of September 30, 2023 (5D w/ 1/2 sec splits).
  • Futurity Horse Sidepots with $1K Added Each Day (Saturday & Sunday w/ Prizes to 2-Run Aggregate).
  • BBR Southern Territorial Futurity open horses 5 & Under who have not competed prior to November 15, 2022.
  • American Contender Tournament entries MUST roll times to BBR Southern Territorial 5D Saturday race.
  • Junior Patriot Qualifier is a sidepot to the Sunday race of the BBR Southern Territorial 5D.
  • Entries (including rollovers) must be postmarked by September 11th to avoid late fee ~ $5 (Friday Open), $10 (Saturday and/or Sunday)
  • American Contender Tournament Entries will be available online only and will close Monday, September 25th, at 5pm CST.
  • Junior Patriot Qualifier Entries will be available online only and will close Thursday, September 28th, at 5pm CST.
  • No Refunds once entry has been submitted.
  • Vet/Med outs are due by 5pm Sep 17th and entry fees, less $40 will be refunded.
  • Absolutely no refund, rider substitutions or vets outs after Sept 19th @ 5pm.  Horse substitutions will be allowed until the start of the first qualifying round.
  • The dress code will be western dress code (long sleeve shirt, jeans, hat, western footwear).  Friday is full dress code.  Saturday and Sunday you can be exempt from long sleeve shirt if you have on this years Southern Territorial t-shirt (for sale at office).
  • All checks for prize money will be issued in the name of the rider.  A completed IRS W-9 (or W-8BEN for non-residents) form for the proper individual or business entity must be provided before prize money can be distributed. It is the contestant’s responsibility to provide required tax forms and claim their any prize money in a timely manner.  Contestants not providing the required documents and claiming prize money (i.e. cashing prize money checks) within 120 days of the completion of the event will forfeit any claim to said prize money.
  • Entry Fees:

    • Exhibitions - $7ea (purchase online only)
    • Warmup Race (Friday) - $40
    • Saturday & Sunday Open 5D - $75
    • X-Tra Sidepot - $50
    • BIG SPENDER Sidepot - $150
    • Futurity Horse Sidepots - $100
    • Rider Incentives - $30
    • The American Rodeo Contender Tournament - $500
    • Jr Patriot Qualifier - $200


Event Schedule

Friday - September 29th

  • 10am Open Exhibitions (until 4:30pm - Sold online beginning 9/25/23 @ 10am)
  • 5pm Open 5D Warm-up Race (Books close w/ 50 runners remaining)

Saturday - September 30th

  • 9am BBR Southern Territorial Saturday Open 5D to follow (will break at big draw nearest 5:30pm for American section)
  • 6pm The American Rodeo Contender Tournament Event (required carry over to Saturday Open 5D)
  • ~ resume Open 5D (if necessary)
  • Nutrena Southwest X-Tra Tour Sidepot available to current BBR Members in Saturday Open 5D!

Sunday - October 1st

  • 9am BBR Southern Territorial Sunday Open 5D
  • Jr Patriot Sidepot available to Sunday Open 5D!


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