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2020 BBR Southern Territorial & Southwestern X-Tra Finale - Late Entries and American Qualifier

Contestant Information

Stalls & Shavings

A limited number of stalls are available. Stalls include one bag of shaving and are priced based on the move-in day (Note: Anyone arriving prior to 7am will be considered having arrived the previous day.) Select the number of stalls and the duration below.

 @  ............
 @ $10/bag ............

Fees & Conditions


Event Conditions

By making nomination to the 2020 Better Barrel Races (B.B.R.) Southern Territorial and The American Rodeo Qualifier, I hereby agree to abide by any and all rules and conditions set forth for these races, or  the changes thereof, as are deemed necessary by Better Barrel Races, LLC or The American Rodeo producers.  All parties (owners and riders) involved in B.B.R. Southern Territorial and/or The American Rodeo Qualifier are responsible for reading the rules and conditions and fully understanding their contents.  Better Barrel Races is acting as only a host to The American Rodeo Qualifier and as such assumes no liability for entry fees, payouts, and/or any future races scheduled and produced by The American Rodeo.  Better Barrel Races, LLC assumes no liability to those who have not read the conditions and those having not read these conditions are still held to their contents.