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BBR Show Results

Race To The Finish Line
Sunday Open 5D

ContestantHometownBBR No.TimePointsAmt Won
1-D Results
** NON-MEMBER **, 017.0480.00$1,482.74
Chenessa McGrawHamilton, MT1618817.34435.00$850.36
Hadli AndersonMiles City, MT1370617.36434.00$639.57
Callahan TryanHermiston, OR1016817.39333.00$496.30
2-D Results
Una FordChinook, MT1245817.58035.00$1,028.25
Isabell HeikenBridger, MT1410317.75034.00
Una FordChinook, MT1245817.9735.00
Teresa McClendonGrandview, TX659517.98733.00
Cierra EricksonHelena, MT1200818.00732.00
3-D Results
Maci DeHaanBelgrade, MT1547618.15035.00$137.10
Julia NicholsStevensville, MT1526318.23434.00
Cierra EricksonHelena, MT1200818.30133.00
Cathy RoeslerMiles city, MT998018.34132.00
Chenessa McGrawHamilton, MT1618818.36831.00
Lisa WarfieldHelena, MT1404818.37130.00
Katie KadingHuntley, MT1637918.37529.00
Maci DeHaanBelgrade, MT1547618.4135.00
Katie KadingHuntley, MT1637918.4995.00
4-D Results
Aspen CokBozeman, MT1113918.62535.00
Aspen CokBozeman, MT1113918.6685.00
Lisa WarfieldHelena, MT1404818.87934.00
5-D Results
Chenessa McGrawHamilton, MT1618819.11235.00$137.10
Luanne CutlerEnnis, MT1268519.76434.00
Penalties, No Times & 3+ Second Results
Luanne CutlerEnnis, MT1268599.9990.00
Cierra EricksonHelena, MT1200899.9990.00
Sarah SaloisHelena, MT1551999.9990.00
Kim SchmidtGallatin Gateway, MT1399399.9990.00