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BBR Show Results

The Betty's Award Series
Open 4D

ContestantHometownBBR No.TimePointsAmt Won
1-D Results
Cambryn McFaddenOdessa, TX1730916.33415.00$307.00
Lisa FernandesPecos, TX1038416.43614.00$184.00
Abbie CrewsKenansville, FL1740416.44113.00$123.00
Katelyn ScottOdessa, TX92116.56912.00
Jeanette ScottOrla, TX425316.78811.00
Trinity KizerPortales, NM1256016.81910.00
Jana BeanFt. Hancock, TX882716.8239.00
2-D Results
Jeanette ScottOrla, TX425316.88415.00$158.00
Lisa FernandesPecos, TX1038416.94213.50
Suzanne OvertonSeminole, TX956016.94213.50
Trinity KizerPortales, NM1256017.01512.00
3-D Results
Suzanne OvertonSeminole, TX956017.46115.00$175.00
Shelly DickensHobbs, NM1724617.46314.00$105.00
Amber YanceySeminole, TX424717.75713.00
4-D Results
Jana BeanFt. Hancock, TX882717.91215.00$79.00
5-D Results
Suzanne BallardCarlsbad, NM1507118.91115.00
Jessica FrostRopesville, TX774118.91314.00
Penalties, No Times & 3+ Second Results
Wyatte Grace AndrewsWinnsboro, TX684399.9990.00
Wyatte Grace AndrewsWinnsboro, TX684399.9990.00
Jana BeanFt. Hancock, TX882799.9990.00
Jana BeanFt. Hancock, TX882799.9990.00
Abbie CrewsKenansville, FL1740499.9990.00
Abbie CrewsKenansville, FL1740499.9990.00
Jessica FrostRopesville, TX774199.9990.00
Kortney KizerPep, NM1166799.9990.00