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BBR Show Results

Kickin The Dust Up Races 5 & 6
Sunday Open 4D

ContestantHometownBBR No.TimePointsAmt Won
1-D Results
Emma GibsonRussellville, AR1244114.60325.00$392.00
Katelyn DanzyRussellville, AR864414.66324.00$124.00
Maria NormanCabot, AR640414.70623.00
Marlena WilliamsMorrilton, AR646514.78922.00
Becky ClarkPleasant Plains, AR1303914.83521.00
Becky ClarkPleasant Plains, AR1303914.9195.00
Ashton LuckBeebe, AR633514.96520.00
Kim SchneiderHartman, AR203314.96719.00
2-D Results
Laura KennedyQuitman, AR466515.25025.00$201.00
Robyn LyonsSearcy, AR1240215.25324.00
Becky ClarkPleasant Plains, AR1303915.28123.00
3-D Results
Cheryl ZieglerCoal Hill, AR564315.62625.00$134.00
Katelyn DanzyRussellville, AR864415.66024.00
Allie HarrisAtkins, AR1178715.78323.00
Shelly RedwineSidney, AR1204215.85322.00
Shelly RedwineSidney, AR1204215.8785.00
4-D Results
Amy GrishamWest Plains, MO1382116.31925.00
Amy GrishamWest Plains, MO1382116.3805.00
Erica CampbellQuitman, AR310316.48424.00
Penalties, No Times & 3+ Second Results
Katelyn DanzyRussellville, AR864499.9990.00
Marlena WilliamsMorrilton, AR646599.9990.00
Cheryl ZieglerCoal Hill, AR564399.9990.00