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BBR Show Results

The Betty's Buckle Series
Open 4D

ContestantHometownBBR No.TimePointsAmt Won
1-D Results
** NON-MEMBER **, 015.8770.00$296.00
Jordan DriverGarden City, TX1020516.20415.00$118.00
Katelyn ScottOdessa, TX92116.33414.00
Jordan DriverGarden City, TX1020516.3605.00
2-D Results
Jordan DriverGarden City, TX1020516.38015.00$254.00
Katelyn ScottOdessa, TX92116.46814.00$152.00
Katelyn ScottOdessa, TX92116.4755.00$101.00
Jennifer DriverGarden City, TX882616.54313.00
Heidi GibsonSeminole , TX832816.54912.00
3-D Results
Kirsten KochWestbrook, TX1589116.91615.00$169.00
Sam (Martha) WatsonPortales, NM926516.93614.00$68.00
Maddylyn NealColorado City, TX1171017.05413.00
Katelyn ScottOdessa, TX92117.14012.00
Jordan RobinsonCarlsbad, NM697617.17011.00
Kirstin CarlsonLoving, NM1067617.35510.00
4-D Results
Suzanne OvertonSeminole, TX956017.52415.00
Sam (Martha) WatsonPortales, NM926517.70114.00
Wendy RegionCarlsbad, NM1308017.80813.00
5-D Results
Deana EatonOdessa, TX1093618.01615.00
Caitlin KilgoreOdessa, TX1349118.28814.00
Alisha JamesOdessa, TX1115718.36313.00
Sam (Martha) WatsonPortales, NM926518.53812.00
Penalties, No Times & 3+ Second Results
Cheyenne RondeauxAlpine, TX1435121.1630.00
Kirstin CarlsonLoving, NM1067699.9990.00
Kirstin CarlsonLoving, NM1067699.9990.00
Debbie KilgoreOdessa, TX471899.9990.00
Cheyenne RondeauxAlpine, TX1435199.9990.00
Sam (Martha) WatsonPortales, NM926599.9990.00