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BBR Show Results

Turn N Burn For The Cure
Saturday Open 4D

ContestantHometownBBR No.TimePointsAmt Won
1-D Results
Jessica WykertGrant , NE1145117.62515.00$201.00
Kate SpaurFt Lupten, CO377218.06614.00$165.00
2-D Results
Sydney SchleichKersey, CO398218.13515.00$135.00
Kindi KirchenschlagerYuma, CO231018.19614.00$103.00
Deb SchroetlinYuma, CO118118.23813.00
Mika DrewsThedford, NE656018.26512.00
Jessica WykertGrant , NE1145118.42811.00
Deb SchroetlinYuma, CO118118.5305.00
Michelle BattistaLongmont, CO1534318.58710.00
3-D Results
Kate SpaurFt Lupten, CO377218.76815.00$90.00
Sandee RuttFt Collins, CO579318.89514.00$50.00
Emily AckermanWellington, CO732219.04013.00
Storme CamarilloGreeley, CO881519.09812.00
4-D Results
Cathy BrooksLakin, KS146119.15515.00$67.00
Kensley PearceQueen Creek, AZ1612619.22114.00$52.00
Sydney SchleichKersey, CO398219.32513.00
Michelle BattistaLongmont, CO1534319.43612.00
Robyn WoehlWray, CO1602719.52611.00
5-D Results
Martha RushtonBerthoud, CO217819.67215.00
Marisa WykertGrant, NE1575220.10414.00
Marisa WykertGrant, NE1575220.2465.00
Tammy KirchenschlagerYuma, CO231120.28113.00
Penalties, No Times & 3+ Second Results
Marisa KapalaLongmont, CO1217821.0230.00
Mika DrewsThedford, NE656024.7040.00