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Don't miss your chance to compete at the BBR World Finals! Simply complete a  BBR Membership Application and turn it in with the membership fees at the next BBR show you attend or mail it to us at Better Barrel Races, PO Box 720900, Norman, OK 73070. Your membership will last 12 months starting with the day you turn it in at a show or the date its postmarked.

If you have any questions, please take a look at the answers to our frequent questions below or contact us by phone at (405) 230-7167 or email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Better Barrel Races?

Better Barrel Races is an exciting organization made up of independent producers who have served the barrel racing community for years. We have come together in an effort to better serve you by cooperating in scheduling shows, putting forth a code of ethics for producers, providing a unified awards program you can work towards, and bringing a big added money finals to the central United States!

What is the Better Barrel Races code of ethics?

BBR's code of ethics is a set of guidelines a producers must follow in order to have their shows endorsed by Better Barrel Races. These guidelines cover things ranging from show advertising, to format and payoff percentages, to general guidelines for running an event. Rather than setting a hard and fast set of rules that producers must follow, the BBR code of ethics sets general limits that you, as a barrel racer, can trust, while allowing independent producers the freedom to continue providing you with a variety of events to attend.

What are the benefits of being a BBR member?

BBR members will earn credits to qualify for the BBR Finals and points towards year-end awards. They will also receive a newsletter informing them of shows in their area that will be BBR Endorsed, along with other pertinent information regarding the BBR.

What type of shows will be BBR Endorsed Shows?

Better Barrel Races wants to offer something for every level of barrel racer. We plan to endorse a broad range of events ranging from local, weeknight shows to weekend super shows. Better Barrel Races' Endorsement applies only to Open Divisional or Sweepstakes, Futurity and Derby format classes of a show. Classes limiting the rider based on age, sex, etc. or requiring other qualifications to enter are not considered as part of the endorsed show, and participants in those classes will not be awarded points. If you know a local producer whose shows you would like to see as qualifiers, have them contact us!

Do I have to be a BBR member to compete in BBR Endorsed Shows?

No! BBR endorsed shows are put on by independent producers and are open to everyone! Membership is not required to compete, but is required in order to earn credit towards finals qualification and points toward year-end awards.

Can you tell me about the BBR World Finals?

The BBR World Finals will be held the last weekend of April at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City, OK. There will be at least $50,000 Added Money in the open class which will be run on a 5D format with 0.5 second splits.

How do I qualify for the BBR Finals?

All you have to do to qualify for the BBR Finals is join and participate in eight (8) approved races at BBR Endorsed Shows or six (6) races for Gold card members; by December 31st. You earn the qualification credits simply by participating. You do not have to place! Qualification credits go to the contestant (not the horse), and once you are qualified, you can enter as many horses as you wish in the BBR Finals.

Is there a year-end standings and awards?

Yes. Better Barrel Races will have a regional standings and year-end awards program. We will track each members points throughout the year in five divisions.  (New Regions descriptions took effect January 1, 2019)

With all the different show formats, how will the point program work?

BBR will track points in five divisions regardless of the show format or payout. Each division will be based on the fastest time with 0.5 second splits. Each clean run will receive 5 base points in the divisions. The highest placing member in each division will then receive the maximum number of bonus points offered at the show to be added to their base points. The next highest will then receive the maximum bonus point minus one, and so on until all bonus points are awarded. If a contestant places on two horses in the same division, they will receive base points for both horses but will only receive bonus points for their highest placing horse. Penalty runs will receive no points. The added money at that show will determine the number of bonus points offered.

Where can I get additional information?

Better Barrel Races, LLC
PO Box 720900
Norman, OK 73070

Phone: (405) 230-7167
Fax: (405) 288-0920
E-Mail (via our Contact Form)

Note: Office Hours are 8:00am-4:30pm M-F