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2023 Dinosaur Classic

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** Notice **  Draw & Late Entries ** Notice **

Any online entries submitted after 6pm CST on Friday, Jan 13th will be placed in the late draw. Draw for all entries submitted prior to that time will be posted on Monday, Jan 16th!

Stalls & Shavings

A limited number of stalls are available. Stalls include two (2) bags of shavings.  VIP Stalls  are in the new barn and have dirt floors. Select the number and type of stalls below (VIP Stalls are Sold Out).

 @  ............
 @ $10/bag ............

Fees & Conditions


Event Conditions

All Dinosaur Classic Entries

By making nomination to the 2023 Dinosaur Classic and The American Contender Tournament, I hereby agree to abide by any and all rules and conditions set forth for these races, or  the changes thereof, as are deemed necessary by Better Barrel Races, LLC or The American Rodeo producers.  All parties (owners and riders) involved in B.B.R. Dinosaur Classic and/or The American Contender Tournament are responsible for reading the rules and conditions and fully understanding their contents.  Better Barrel Races is acting as only a host to The American Contender Tournament and as such assumes no liability for entry fees, payouts, and/or any future races scheduled and produced by The American Rodeo.  Better Barrel Races, LLC assumes no liability to those who have not read the conditions and those having not read these conditions are still held to their contents.

American Contender Tournament Entries

The Athlete Entry Form and related documents pertain to Round One (“Round One”) of The American Contender Tournament (the “Contender Tournament”), which is a “side pot” to Producer’s Rodeo and is open to qualified entrants of Producer’s Rodeo. Athletes who enter the Contender Tournament have the chance to qualify to compete In subsequent rounds of the Contender Tournament, including The American Rodeo. (For clarity, Producer’s Rodeo is separately owned and operated from The American Rodeo and The Contender Tournament, which are owned by TR The American, LLC.)

I acknowledge and agree that my participation in Round One of the Contender Tournament is contingent upon my completion of this Athlete Entry Form, payment of the Round One Eligibility Fee, and my having reviewed, agreed to and accepted the terms of the following documents, which are incorporated herein by reference: (i) The American Contender Tournament 2023 Athlete Agreement; (ii) “The American Contender Tournament” graph reflecting the current Contender Tournament brackets and rounds; and (iii) Qualification Procedures, Rules of Advancement and Potential Payouts for the Contender Tournament ("Rules of Advancement").

Links to Documents Listed in Conditions