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Western Territory Finals Produced by BBR! 
$25,000 Added & $10,000 Select Stallion Stakes Incentives!
Reno, NV
2017 Reno Thursday Results

  • World Finals Format in the Western Territorial Finals 5D at Reno, NV with 2 Long Goes and Short Go
  • 5D with half-second splits
  • 75% payback on entry fee + 100% of Added to Purse 
  • 30% to 1st Go / 30% to 2nd Go / 40% to Short Go
  • Top 15 fastest times in each D from each long go proceed to the Short Go (see rules & conditions for complete information)
  • Must be a current BBR Member
  • Must make runs in two (2) sanctioned barrel races or be a Gold Card Member to Qualify
  • Double Qualifier Race on Thursday - (Members who do not have the two necessary qualifiers to run in the main race, can automatically qualify for the main race by entering the warm up race on Thursday.)
  • 75% Payback on Entry Fee + 100% of Added Money to Purse